Saturday, June 25, 2011


This morning I got out the door with a plan of traveling pretty far from home via a run-walk mix, and then running back to my home via an up-tempo run. It was great to have Robin join me for the first portion of the outing. A couple miles into the adventure I encountered a couple turtles attempting to cross the road.

After I said "see you later" to the turtles, I started thinking how much fun it is to travel via a run-walk-mix taking pictures and whatnot. It was with this thought that I came up with the framing of: foot-travel-outing. Foot-travel-outings are what are stirring in my heart. I am not overly interested in competitive running. My heart is for re-creational running with a zen approach. To me foot-travel-outing captures the direction I desire to go with my running future. I do have one more competitive event in my future. In August I am running the Ragnar Great River Relay with classmates, and we intend to fly. I don't want to let my team down, and that is why I also planned to include some up-tempo running in my outing today.

Pictured above is the big climb on this route.

Soon after crossing the train tracks, I came to Route 60 where I turned around and started my up-tempo running portion of my outing. I felt pretty good. I was a little on the warm side, which I thought was helpful with regards to getting ready for Ragnar (I got a touch of heat sickness during Ragnar last year [report: here]). I was envisioning about 45 minutes of up-tempo running, but only went about 30 minutes before I shifted back to a run-walk-mix for the rest of the way back to the homestead.

After Ragnar I intend to be all about a zen run-walk-mix approach for outings and events. I am really getting hungry for another 100 mile event!


Foot-travel-outing: a recreational journey that includes running, walking, or a run-walk-mix.

Zen run-walk-mix: a run-walk mix that is not dependent on a watch or timer.

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