Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Legit Streak

Today was day 55 of a bit of a running streak I had going. My streak included a minimum of covering 2 miles. Here is the kicker, I have been doing a run-walk-mix. Today when I started looking into the United States Running Streak Association I started to question if my streak would be considered legit. Turns out that unless I had at least 1 mile per day that did not include any walking, my streak would not be considered USRSA legit. Today for example I covered 2 miles with my son and our longest run portion was half a mile, thus today would not count.

I post this blog post because I intend to start my USRSA legit streak tomorrow. So that the streak is well documented I will post my miles daily on this blog, daily on Dailymile, and I will publish them daily via Twitter @skinnybear_rob I will refer to this as my USRSA active streak.

Ready to get this thing rolling!!!
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