Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1 USRSA Streak

Date: 08.11.2011
Streak Day: 1
Streak Inception Day: 08.11.2011
Today's Run: 8 miles, 8 without-walk-segment/pause
Location: Republic, MO, USA
Start Time: 5:45 AM
Weather: 67 D F Partly Cloudy (at start); pleasant
Pace: efficient-(re)creational-glide
Companions: 0
Non-Companion Runners Witnessed: 3
Creatures: 3 Raccoons, 1 Cottontail Rabbit, various locally-common birds

Notes: After discovering last night that my recent 55 day running streak would not be considered legit with the USRSA, I made some adjustments to my running approach and got the new streak launched today. It was a very enjoyable run, in very pleasant running weather. I enjoyed seeing some Raccoons in a creek, but was not able to capture them on film. On my mind was the upcoming Ragnar relay and some fall marathons. I am thinking for the marathons I will use the approach I used for the Galveston 26.2. Life is good!!! Ready to keep on STREAKING!!!

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