Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ragnar Great River Relay 2010

Drove to Minnesota on 08.19.2010.

Enjoyed one of my favorite meals with some of my team members at Marcello's Pizza and Pasta: Rigatoni Supreme with cheese on the toasted bread.

Rode down with the team members of Van #1 to Winona, Minnesota. When we arrived we really started catching the excitement of the event.

The "Safety Briefing" was a demonstration of how logistically professional this event was.

My favorite team concept: "Ragnar 911".

Getting our schwag and getting pumped.

Hibbs got us rolling.

Quickly Hibbs established over a half-mile lead on the 10 am starters. Here he is crossing into Wisconsin.
Our first provision of aid. We felt a little cloudy on the rules and were concerned about making any kind of move that would get us disqualified.

Decker took out the second leg strong and smooth. The scenery was off the hook amazing.

Hibbs covered the first and third leg before I ran leg number four. I did feel a bit overheated and did start burping up some stomach bile after about mile 4.

The stats via my Garmin:
7.9 miles of running in Alma, WI.: 55m:52s; average: 7:04; elevation: +285/-278.

Morgan took out leg 5 and demonstrated his strong triathlete skills.

Guy navigated leg six and we found it to be a very challenging leg with a touch of rain and thick humidity thrown in.

It was awesome to see our team members from Van #2 at our first van to van exchange.

The runners of Van #2 were amped and ready to take over.

Some excellent team camaraderie.

Supple ready to navigate and Wendorf ready to drive.

Kleyman's first leg was a killer. The sun came out in a blaze and he faced a huge climb.

While Van #2 ran their first legs we found an excellent place to enjoy a meal.

Our second van to van exchange.

Wendorf brought it in strong and the site of that pumped all of us up for our next leg.

Hibbs kept it rocking and rolling.

Van #2 runners came to the next exchange to encourage us before heading out to find themselves a meal.

Decker smoked a significant climb during this leg.

I ran back to back legs. Due to the humidity I opted to go almost naked, i.e., just my compression shorts and my reflector vest.

The stats from the Garmin for my coverage of legs 15 & 16:
11.3 miles of running in Bay City, WI.: 1h:24m:56s; average: 7:31; elevation: +475/-449.

Morgan and Guy making an exchange.

My final leg of the event was leg #28
4.26 miles of running in Afton, MN: 31m:45s; average: 7:27; elevation: +433/-141 [a killer climb in the last mile - did a bit of power walking]

Guy makes the final hand-off to Van #2 and Van #1 is done for the event.

Kleyman running strong and smooth.

Muehlhausen flying.

Quenemoen finally made the pass we had been encouraging him to make.

Supple smoked his last leg.

Bailey worked hard in the midst of some serious pain in his foot.

Wendorf was pumped to finish this thing strong for us.

We all joined Wendorf for the finish.

Our team stats: 25h:53m:41s; average: 8:06; 27th out of 286 finishing teams; 3rd out of 6 finishing teams in the Submasters Male division.

My event stats:
23.46 miles of running. 2h:52m:33s. Average: 7:21. Elevation: +1193/-868.

I enjoyed a visit with some of my cousins.

Was stoked to attend an 80s skateboard themed party at Jasper's homestead. That was a blast.

The car I took to and fro did not have air conditioning and thus my left arm officially turned into bacon on the journey.

This event was a total blast. It was great running with members of my high school cross country running team. We are already talking about putting together a team for next year and then possibly taking on some of the other Ragnar events in the future. This event is totally amazing!!!

a HUGE thank you to the deckers for hostings me at their homestead!!!
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