Saturday, September 4, 2010

Illuminating the Darkness 5k: 18m:37.1s

The "Illuminating the Darkness 5k" in Springfield, Missouri on 08.27.2010 was an event that a few of my co-workers opted to participate in together. It has been cool to see a bunch of my co-workers recently joining running groups and training for 5ks and 10ks.

I was able to get Robin to sign up for this one. She had to take a few months off due to Plantar Fasciitias in her right foot. Her foot is feeling way better now so she is just starting to be able to dabble back into some running miles.

Caleb came along to support his mother and accompany her during the event.

Caleb counting down the days until he can get his permit.

Ken and Marilyn relaxing before the start.

Chet was pumped and ready to roll. Chet was an excellent marathoner back in the day but let it go a bit when his duties as husband and father took center stage. He still is in great shape but has a bummer of a back. It had been a long time since he had participated in a running event and he was a bit excited.

Some of our team members before the event start.

The race itself was a simple out and back. They had lights along the trail but it was very dark and I felt like I was falling the entire time. The weather was comfortable and I felt like I paced myself well. I was shocked when the finish came into sight and I was going to get in under 19 minutes. I did pace myself well and managed to pick off some runners in the second portion of the distance and managed to not get passed. The support from my co-workers along the path was very encouraging.

Finishing time: 18m:37.1s (average: 5:59).

Overall: 6th out of 428 finishers.

30-39 male division: 1st out of 38 finishers.

Shaking hands with #2 in my division.

Some 1st place division hardware = SWEET!!!

A few from our group after the event. Very fun.

Everyone else did great. Robin enjoyed the event and her foot remained strong.
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