Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

2010 was a very memorable and exciting year for me as a runner. I started the year still unsettled regarding what to do with Rob-the-Racer, i.e., that part of me that desires to run efficiently and competitively. Finally in October I made peace with that part of me and it has brought a sense of balance to my running life. I am coming into 2011 with both Rob-the-Runner and Rob-the-Racer alive and well and in some sort of glorious harmonious mix.

Some Highlights of 2010

My first event of the year was the Little Rock Marathon and that event included a new marathon personal best and in me gaining confidence that my breakthrough marathon performance in 2009 at the Des Moines Marathon was not a fluke.

Three weeks after Little Rock I had one of the best athletic experiences of my entire life at the Chicago Lakefront 50k. It was a surreal experience wherein I transcendentally watched myself run strong and smooth for 31 miles without a hint of the wheels coming off.

In April I experienced taking a little more time off of my marathon personal best at the Frisco Fifty Marathon.

In June I took my first shot at a 100 mile ultra-marathon at the Kettle Moraine 100. After traversing through 6 hours of down-pouring rain and dealing with symptoms of hypothermia, I disappointingly took my first DNF via dropping out at the 100k finish. On a positive note I learned a ton and got a new distance personal best.

The Ragnar Great River Relay in August with my classmates was a huge highlight. It was awesome to share that 193 mile journey with many of the guys I ran with in high school.

In November I got my second shot at a 100 mile ultra-marathon via participating in the Mother Road 100. After overcoming a very strong urge to dropout after 36 miles, I persevered to the finish and experience a HUGE sense of accomplishment.

My last event of 2010 was the Rocket City Marathon. I didn't know what to expect four weeks after the Mother Road 100 and ended up with a very satisfactory and encouraging marathon performance.

The highlights of my year in running were not just athletic. It was a great running year relationally: I enjoyed travelling with family and friends, I enjoyed reconnecting with friends I had not seen in years, and I enjoy acquiring new friends along the way. I also was very enriched with great support from family and friends both in person and from a distance.

The Events of 2010
2010 running miles: 2,484 miles

[I did not track my other miles very well in 2010, but I will in 2011]


I am excited about the possibilities of 2011. I feel like I learned a lot in 2010 and have made some helpful adjustments that will make 2011 a very fun and exciting year in my running journey. I am coming into the year excited about increasing my overall fitness (focusing on fitness, not miles). I am hopeful of seeing some new personal bests this year.

I see some marathons on the schedule for the year, a local 50k, a local half-marathon, and some local 10ks, 5ks, and 1 milers. No 100 mile ultra-marathons on the 2011 schedule, but possibly a 126.2 mile event in early 2012.

I also see myself moving into the masters age division sometime in 2011 :)

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