Tuesday, September 21, 2010

09.21.2010 Two Year Running Anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of Rob-the-Runner. This all started with a difficult mile and a half mix of running and walking on September 21st, 2008. I got some consistency rolling and soon I was thinking that if I stayed with that consistency I would be able to get myself into good enough shape to participate in marathon events. A couple of months later I read the book "Ultramarathon Man" and the dream expanded to include ultra-marathons. Now the dream is to complete one marathon and one ultra-marathon in all 50 States. I have seen some improvements in efficiency over the last few months, but that continues to be an after thought for me.

The 2nd year of Rob-the-Runner was pretty awesome. I let go of obsessing about trying to get myself into Boston Marathon qualifying shape, and soon I was actually finishing marathons very close to the qualifying standard. I think it is very likely that I will qualify for the 2012 Boston Marathon, but I am going to let it come to me and not stress about it. I ran a personal best 50k at the "Chicago Lakefront 50k": 4h:03m:04s (7:49), and a personal best marathon at the "Frisco Fifty Marathon": 3h:19m:18s (7:36). A huge highlight this year was being in good enough shape to participate in the "Ragnar Great River Relay" with runners from my high school cross country team. That was a total blast!

I attempted my first 100 mile event this past year ("The Kettle Moraine 100"). The day ended for me at the 100k finish line. The experience included both hyperthermic and hypothermic symptoms, 6 hours of down-pouring rain, and some poor equipment choices on my part. I am already registered for my second 100 mile attempt ("Mother Road 100" on 11.13). I intend to have at least one 100 mile finish under my belt during year three of Rob-the-Runner. On the positive side, I did get myself a new long run personal best: 64 miles.

I am looking forward to another year of enjoyable running full of marathoning and ultra-marathoning adventures.

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