Sunday, November 8, 2009

route-60-adventures: two

yesterday, 11.07.2009, i set out for my second adventure run on route 60. i recently purchased a nathan hydration vest (the hpl #020) and was gunning to give it a go. my first route 60 adventure run was a 16 mile round trip to billings, mo. the intention for this trip was a 30 mile round trip to marionville, mo. in the back of my mind i was contemplating the possibility of going all the way to aurora, mo and back for a 40 mile trip.

here i am heading out the door, sporting my new vest and my feathered and lethal hair (time for a trip to the barber shop).

this is my starting location, just outside my door. the intention was to take a similar photo when i finished at this location a few hours later.

this is where i get onto route 60, about a mile and quarter from my home. you can see one of the republic water towers in the photo.

coming into billings. somehow i missed the welcome to billings sign.

i was hoping to catch the temp in this photo: 66. a car wreck took place immediately behind me as i was taking this photo. i hope i wasn't a contributing factor...

some cheering spectators in billings!

encountered some construction between billings and marionville. i was pretty excited to discover that i am faster than a speeding steamroller.

coming into marionville. i was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of their white squirrels.

i was feeling fresh coming into marionville and decided i would go ahead and make this a 40 mile journey.

coming into aurora.

coming into aurora, i started thinking this trip might be an excellent opportunity to go for a new distance best. my best is 50 miles, so i was thinking i would go out 26.2 miles and then head back for a double-marathon-run.

getting near verona

coming into verona

a historical marker located in verona

a memorial to lawrence county world war 1 vets located in verona.

this was my aid station. they had a spigot i used to refill my hydration vest. i stopped in around mile 25 and then grabbed another refill when i came by again.

coming back into aurora.

once i completed 50k i started to get that done feeling. the temp. was rising a bit and all the fuel i had with me was not sounding good. my right knee started getting a bit tender and the idea of making a bail out call to my wife got increasingly attractive. during the first 26.2 miles i did not employ any walk segments and i was hoping to make it back home with very limited walk segments. i was out there to run, not walk. once i got to 35 miles, i had morphed primarily into a walker and the thought of walking for the next 3 hours didn't appeal to me.

walking into marionville

i finally got in contact with my wife when i was at about 37 miles. when i knew she was on her way, i start to run again. i wondered if i might possibly be able to get to 40 miles. when i got to 38 and noticed a dairy queen i decided to call it a day.

this was my finishing location for the day.

check the salt!

my wife to the rescue. she even knew that it would be wise to cover the seat with a towel.

the run map and elevation

so route-60 adventure #2 was 38 miles. the day was a bit humbling. i am now aware that i have much room for improvement in the running endurance category. i am glad i can go the marathon distance without the need for walk segments (and possibly 50k), but i am wanting to stretch that boundary in a big way. i think with the right pace and conditions i can do a 40 mile run with minimal walk segments. that might be something to work on over the next few months.

i am going to try some different things in the area of fueling over the next few long runs.

regarding my hydration vest: LOVED IT!!!

route-60-adventures: one: HERE.
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