Monday, October 12, 2009

route-60-adventures: one

route-60, which is one-mile from my front door, goes from virginia beach, virginia to brenda, arizona (2,670 miles). a few weeks back i was noticing how large of a shoulder route-60 has and i decided it would be a fun adventure to start running destination runs on this road. i ran my first destination run on route-60 on 10.05.2009. i went from republic, mo to billings, mo and back to republic. the run included 498 feet of climbing and 501 feet of descending. i was able to get 16 miles out of this run by getting off of route-60 when i got into billings and running into the town a bit before turning around. the weather was ideal: 68 degrees, wind s 13, with a few clouds. i did encounter shoulder construction during this run and had to switch sides of the road for a couple of miles (therefore running with traffic). the nice thing about the shoulder construction is that the shoulder is presently covered with a nice layer of gravel. running on the gravel made for a nice soft impact.

i believe my next route-60-adventure will be from republic, mo to marionville, mo and back. i am dreaming of eventually covering every inch of this road :) i am referring to route-60 as my forrest-gump-road.

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