Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the-log 09.28.2009 - 10.04.2009

09.28.2009: rest day

09.29.2009: 8 miles of roller-skiing @ "j.r. martin park" in republic, mo.


[1] 4 miles of running in republic, mo.

[2] 8 miles of running on route-60 in republic, mo.

10.01.2009: 5 miles of running in republic, mo.

10.02.2009: 4 miles of running @ republic high school track in republic, mo.

10.03.2009: rest day

10.04.2009: 6 miles of running (w/robin) in republic, mo.

total running miles for the week: 27 miles [2009: 1,436 miles]
total roller-skiing miles for the week: 8 miles [2009: 382 miles]

september 2009 running miles: 187 miles

i started the week with a very large blister on my left foot. i finally gave in monday night and let my wife drain it (isn't she lucky!). all week i was in a bit of a funk, i.e., low energy, no motivation, and a bit depressed. i thought maybe by the weekend i would be ready to consume a good dosage of mileage, but suprisingly i only logged 6 miles total between saturday and sunday.

i am feeling much better now. here is my present goal: "enjoy shaping my body into an efficient-endurance-masterpiece!" i am looking forward to the "des moines marathon "on 10.18.2009.
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