Thursday, October 1, 2009

the-log 09.21.2009 - 09.27.2009

09.21.2009: rest: one year anniversary of running

09.22.2009: 4 miles of barefoot running @ "j.r. martin park" in republic, mo.: 35 minutes & 49 seconds

09.23.2009: 1 mile of nearly-barefoot running (vff) in republic, mo.: 8 minutes & 21 seconds

09.24.2009: rest day: birthday: 38 years-old

09.25.2009: rest day

09.26.2009: rest day

09.27.2009: 26.2 miles of running in omaha, ne.: 3 hours & 38 minutes [omaha marathon]

total running miles for the week: 31 miles [2009: 1,409 miles]

i started the week with a sore tibia, so i thought it might be wise to rest most of the week. it was hard to resist the temptation until i hurt my calf muscle during my first nearly-barefoot run in the vibram fivefingers. thankfully by race day on sunday my tibia felt great and my calf felt great. i had a blast at the omaha marathon. it is possible i may have run a bit faster without the encounter with the police car, but at least i got a story out of the deal.
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