Thursday, March 26, 2009

i ordered the SUPER SOCKS

now that i am counting the days until my first 50k event (04.18.2009), i thought it would be apropos to get my hands on a pair of the "drymax maximum protection running socks". i first heard about these socks from mircea (a fellow runner, blogger, and "psycho wyco" participant). i later learned that people have participated in events of 100 miles and more in these socks and their feet have stayed blister free. my last sock purchase was the "injinji tetratsok". when i wore the injinji socks on my last long run (22 miles), i did have some small blisters at the front of my toes. on 04.18.2009 i will give the drymax maximum protection socks a 31 mile test. i will be sure to include a foot review in my event-report.
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