Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011...New Year...2012

When I reflect on my 2011 running life I experience a sense of disappointment. Looking back I see more negatives than positives. I am thankful for the positives: Disney with my siser Sarah, Galveston performance, Ragnar with my classmates, the Dogwood with Scott, great relationship connections, and getting 5 more marathon States. The negatives include: letting go of a sizeable portion of my running fitness, failing as a pacer at the St. Louis Marathon, and experiencing the wheels falling off during the last few marathons.

The Events of 2011:


Regardless of the disappointments (and partly because of them) I am coming into 2012 very inspired! I intend to treat 2012 as a year long timed event wherein I consume as many running miles as I possibly can. I have an image before me for 2012. It is an image of my flying self from 1989:

I intend to recover that flyer in 2012!

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