Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Week 1

I am starting 2012 very inspired and I have a focus. The focus for 2012: the pursuit of the full emergence of Rob-the-Flyer. I was very pleased with week #1. Regardless of the fact that I had a marathon on the schedule, I wanted to get out and get some major mile consumption. I was not overly concerned about coming into the marathon with super fresh legs, because I didn't think that was necessary for the goal I had for the day as I was looking at this marathon as one that I was "training through". I was pleased with getting 73 miles for the week. To put that in perspective, my total for the month of December 2011 was 74 miles (a hibernation month).

The marathon on Saturday went very well (I will blog out an event report very soon). The main thing I desired was to get in under 4 hours. After my recent experience at the Run for the Ranch Marathon I knew that if I went out too fast and the wheels came off I would likely not get in under 4 hours. I ran very conservative and got my hearts desire for the day, i.e., sub-4-hour marathoning State #15.

On Sunday following the marathon I managed to get out the door and get the shuffle going. Before I knew it I was heading out on one of the most difficult routes in my area. I kept the shuffle going and completed the challenging Terrell Creek 13 miler without walk-segment or pause. I see this as a reverse Goofy challenge experience (the Goofy challenge at Disney World is the half-marathon on Saturday followed by the marathon on Sunday).

To promote the full emergence of Rob-the-Flyer I have been approaching eating differently this year. In 2011 my calorie consumption was way over the top and included lots of unhelpful products. Thus far I am pleased with how that is going too. My main strategy is to eat in such a way that I am ready at anytime to head out the door for a run (i.e., not over eating and not eating too much junk).

The dream is that by the end of 2012 I will be a lean-dangerous-running-machine!

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