Monday, September 27, 2010

09.27.2010: 7 miles of running

7 miles of running in Republic, MO.: I finally got out early to enjoy the lowering of the temperature. It was 47 degrees Fahrenheit when I stepped out the door, and 45 degrees Fahrenheit when I stepped back in. My miles have really dropped off since my boys went back to school. It threw a wrench in my morning routine and I felt like I could use a bit of a break, though I am a bit shocked at how much of a break I have taken. I am feeling pretty motivated right now. With Steamtown and Indianapolis fast approaching, I want to get some of my confidence back. I hope my time off didn't have a huge impact on my fitness. Regardless, I think it was good for my soul. Didn't take any fuel or water along for this one, and I didn't employ any walk segments. Elevation: +328/-328.
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