Saturday, April 11, 2009

mantras for next saturday

"the frisco fifty" is now only 7 days away :)

i have been gathering and shining up my mantras for the event. i have landed on three that i intend to lean on:

(1) i GET to run 31 miles and someone is going to time me: "get" is the key here, this is something i want to do. if i start sliding into something like "i HAVE to run eight more miles", this mantra is there to help keep me in proper perspective. the "someone is going to time me" portion comes from my experiences as a kid when i would run around the house to get things for people if they would offer to time me doing it.

(2) relax and enjoy the journey: i am imagining that i will really need this one in the first few miles, especially when i am going to be resisting the temptation to hammer too hard during the first portion of the race.

(3) it's all good: no matter what emerges out there, i am wanting to be flexible and keep a good vibe. this one will be on my shirt. i had a t-shirt with this saying and i have cut off the sleeves modifying it into a race shirt.

early forecast for next saturday: mostly cloudy, high: 63, low: 44, precip. chance: 20%. that would be awesome :) i expect it will likely change four or five times over the next seven days.
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