Thursday, April 9, 2009

frisco 50k test run

i tested my race strategy for the "frisco fifty" today. i actually did my test on the frisco trail. i wore what i intend to wear, and that passed the test (i love the new gaiters). i tried my pace strategy which was to run the first 95% of each mile at an 8:30 pace and then walk the last 5% of each mile. i was hoping this strategy would land me at an 8:45 pace. it turns out that 8:25 for the first 95% is what will land me at 8:45s (so that is good to know). i did ten miles today (out 5 and back). the first couple of miles i had to work hard to slow myself down. at mile two i started day dreaming a little bit and ended up missing my walk point, so i added two walk segments to mile three. the temperature today was perfect. it was a windy day, but i only experienced the effects of that during mile six, after i turned around.

the area that i have been most concerned about recently is fueling. i just lack experience in this area. my concern is that i will get cramped up. via the advice of a blogosphere running friend, mircea, i am going to go with carbopro 1200. i think the only other thing i possible lack at this point are some salt tablets, though possibly for this event the electrolytes provided in the carbopro 1200 will be sufficient.

below are the stats from today's run. my DREAM is that after my 26.2 marathon split i will be feeling fresh enough to drop the walk intervals and pick it up to a 7:45 pace for the remaining 8K/5miles, thus i ran my last mile today at that pace.

mile split walk

1: 8:33; 45 seconds

2: 8:13; day dreaming

3: 9:01; 47 seconds, 47 seconds

4: 8:49; 47 seconds

5: 8:47; 45 seconds

6: 8:45; 46 seconds

7: 8:36; 48 seconds

8: 8:45; 41 seconds

9: 8:36; 42 seconds

10: 7:41; the DREAM pace i am hope to run for the last segment of the 50k

total: 1:25.50

average pace: 8:35; up/down: 206/-206; temp: 52; wind: se 24 g 30; calories: 1627

the plan now, for the next 9 days, is to only partake of cautionary maintenance runs.

i am feeling so ready!!!
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