Thursday, April 16, 2009

the 50k equipment

a: vaseline
b: nasal strips
c: adhesive spot bandages
d: regular deodarant (to permit proper cooling)
e: carbopro 1200 (my fuel)
f: helium 4 fuelbelt
g: saucony tangent 3s
h: zen stone mp3 player (this for emergency inspirational use only)
i: drymax maximum protection socks
j: headband
k: inov8 debrisgaiters
l: t-shirt race modified with apropos mantra
m: nuun electrolyte tablets
n: compression shorts
o: running shorts
p: timex with 100 lap memory
q: garmin forerunner 205 gps watch

not pictured:
r: sunscreen
s: first aid kit to be transported by my support crew
t: snack and beverages for my support crew
u: layer of clothes for before and after the race
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