Thursday, February 26, 2009

projecting the upcoming events

i spent sometime yesterday researching the events that i would like to participate in during the upcoming months. i attempted to take into consideration both the expense of the event and the traveling expenses. i also took into consideration if the event would contribute to my preparation for the rocky raccoon 100. i have officially dropped my plans to participate in the twin cities marathon. family plans have changed. part of me rejoices in the changes because it is now possible for me to participate in the dogwood canyon 50k.

(1) 05.03.2009: cincinnati flying pig marathon

(2) 07.11.2009: psycho psummer 50k trail race

(3) 10.25.2009: dogwood canyon 50k trail race

(4) 11.20.2009: nathaniel's run 12-hour ultramarathon

(5) 02.06.2009: rocky raccoon 100 mile trail run
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