Sunday, December 28, 2008

run for the ranch 10k 2008: 46:15

the running journey continues. today i participated in the "run for the ranch" 10k. the event offered a 5k, a 10k, a half-marathon, and a marathon. we all started together and ran our distances on the same 5k loop. i had an excellent support crew today: robin, caleb, jacob, and my in-laws: darrel and meg beck.

i really was lost regarding what to expect from myself today at this distance. looking at some race predictor charts was a bit intimidating (using my 6:02 mile as a reference point). my plan was to take out the first mile around 7:15 and then see if i could keep a rhythm at that pace for the remaining miles. i found the start very challenging. my legs really wanted to go with those 5 minute milers. i attempted to put myself in check as quick as possible. i hit the first mile in 6:53. the next four miles i found myself sliding back to about a 7:45 pace, with the hope that i would be able to really pick it up for the last mile. the splits for mile 2, 3, 4, and 5: 7:31, 7:44, 7:49, 7:41.

it was interesting competing in an event and not knowing who was running what distance. when people passed me, i would encourage myself with the hope that they were only running the 5k. i found myself having to employ a bit of positive self talk out there today. there were moments when i questioned why i was making myself work so hard. then it would come to me - yes this is work - but there is a pleasure to this kind of work that i really appreciate.

a group of about four runners passed me at about 4.5 miles in. i stayed with them and when i knew i had only a mile to go, i started picking them off. one of them, with a chicago bears hat, stuck with me and started to make a move to pass me coming into the finishing chute. this really pumped me up and i shifted into a gear that surprised myself and some others. i ran mile 6 in 7:32 and i ran the last 386 yards in 1:03. my time: 46:15.1 (7:27 average).

i really was hoping to place in my age group (30 to 39) today. my time today would have given me 4th place overall last year and 2nd in my age group. this year it gave me 11th overall and 4th in my age group (there must be some kind of running boom going on the springfield area). i was taken down today by two 30 year-olds and one 33 year-old. the bears fan that i held off got 2nd place in the 40 to 49 year-old division.

the next event on my racing schedule is a 10 mile trail race in kansas city, kansas: the "psycho wyco run toto run trail run" on 02.14.2009. i will be spending the month of january doing some serious base building and some serious trail running (i can't wait).

[edit: i found out today that i did place 3rd in my age group - apparently someone who registered for the 10k only ran the 5k and messed up the results. i am suppose to get my reward later this week :)]
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