Monday, December 29, 2008

training 12.22.2008 – 12.28.2008

12.22.2008: rest day

12.23.2008: 9 miles of running in springfield, mo.: 1 hour, 25 minutes and 5 seconds

12.24.2008: 6 miles of running in springfield, mo. on south creek trail: 55 minutes and 3 seconds

12.25.2008: 3 miles of walking in republic, mo.

12.26.2008: 2 miles of walking in republic, mo.

12.27.2008: rest day

12.28.2008: “run for the ranch” 10k with warm-up – 7.2 miles of running – springfield, mo.

total running miles for the week: 22.2 miles
total running miles for 2008: 314.2 miles

i struggled with the low mileage of this week. i missed spending more time on the run, but i wanted to save my legs for the “run for the ranch” 10k. i was pleased with my 10k time of 46:15. i was a little bummed about not placing, but it is good motivation to keep at it to see what this body can do. i really believe i have more appreciation for being able to run now than i have ever had in my 37 years. no matter what happens over the upcoming months, i don’t want to let this conditioning slide backwards. i am not sure what this upcoming week will look like. i have some tenderness in my right knee that i want to go away. i will likely stick to roller skiing for the next three days and then i intend to partake of some enjoyable trail running on new year’s day.

[edit: i found out today that i did place 3rd in my age group - apparently someone who registered for the 10k only ran the 5k and messed up the results. i am suppose to get my reward later this week :)]
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