Friday, November 11, 2011

Louisiana Missions Marathon Plan

On Saturday November 12th Scott and I are participating in the Louisiana Missions Marathon in Shreveport (7:30 AM start). The course is 98% on trail (2 13.1 mile loops). I am anticipating this one to be a solid challenge for me with regards to my goal of completing a sub-4-hour marathon in all 50 US States. I believe that if I run smart it is within the realm of possible given my present fitness. It is going to be a small field of runners, so it might also be possible for me to earn some bonus swag.

My plan for this event involves employing a repetitive cycle of 8 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. I will be giving myself permission to improvise in relation to climbs and descents, i.e., I don't plan to walk any descents and I will walk any extreme climbs. I am open to the possibility of discarding the walk segments during the last few miles (we will see how fresh I am feeling).

I am charged up and feeling ready to get this 26.2 mile party started!!!
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