Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wild Life Marathon 26.2: The Plan

My next marathon event is fast approaching. I am very excited! It feels like I have been waiting forever for another opportunity to express myself on the canvas of the 26.2 miler. Often prior to a marathon I bounce all over regarding the strategy to employ. This time I have been settled on a strategy for over a month. The plan for this one involves my Nike + GPS app on my iPhone and my Timex watch. I will be starting my Nike+ GPS app at the start and not messing with it until the finish. I will have it setup to permit cheers from my Facebook friends. A split second after I start the app, I will be starting the interval timer on my Timex. It will be beeping at 8 minutes and 20 seconds and then beeping again 40 seconds later. The plan involves a run segment of 8 minutes and 20 seconds followed by a walk segment of 40 seconds. I plan to repeat this run-walk cycle for the first 20 miles. I will drop the walk segments for the final 10 kilometers.

I have no intention of focusing on pace for this marathon. I have yet to fully enjoy a marathon when I focused on pace. I am looking forward to having a blast gliding 26.2 Michigan miles!
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