Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have not posted here in a bit, so it is time for an update. Following Galveston, I got a pacing gig at the St. Louis marathon. The temp got above my zone, and I failed to do my job. I finished, but not even close to my assigned time. To add insult to injury, my timing chip in my bib was not active. I was depressed for a bit following St. Louis. This spring I have been goofying around with e-readers and tablet computers, and this has been a nice distraction. This has also meant less miles, and a lose of fitness.

With the insights I gained from my excellent experience in Galveston and my depressing experience in St. Louis, I have made some adjustments to my running life. I have stopped logging my miles (there has not been much to log). With that I have also stopped wearing a watch. I have been enjoying the liberty of a Zen approach.

School is out, so no more driving kids in the morning. I am anticipating getting some consistency going during the month of June. I would like to be in 100 miler shape by next spring.
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