Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a little update

Just after the "Indianapolis Marathon" I got sick. One of those gunky, can't breathe, sinus, no energy kind of things. I opted to do a bit of hibernating until I could breathe and until I had my energy back. The hibernation lasted two weeks. I got out there on Monday of this week. I took along a handheld water bottle and some fruit snacks thinking maybe 10 miles. I set my Timex up for 8 minute and 2 minute intervals. I did this because that is my plan for my fast approaching ultra. I am hoping to stay on 8 and 2 for the entire distance - hoping is the key word. Well, I ended up with 15 miles and it felt great.

During my hibernation I thought I will likely stop posting all of my runs here, and just post some updates when I am so inspired.

During my hibernation I also put some thought into what lies ahead during the next few months. I think after my upcoming ultra, that marathoning, stretching myself, and the 50 states will be my focus. I am thinking I will be dropping the walk segments during my runs, though I might add some walking sessions into the mix. I want to stretch myself with regards to distance and efficiency. I see intervals and speed-play in my future. I want to approach my running like how I approached skateboarding as a teenager, i.e., get as much as possible and keep taking it to the next level. I see myself marathoning at a 7:15 pace by fall of 2011. Let the adventure of shaping this running system continue :)
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