Friday, March 5, 2010

update 3.05.2010

rob-the-runner is alive and well. it is clear to me now that my former relationship with running was primarily about rob-the-racer. i would race in races and run in preparation for racing, but running purely for the love of running was rare.

when i started my present journey on september 21st, 2008, i did not have in mind the goal of becoming a racer. my goal was to primarily shape my body so that i could recreationally participate in 26.2 mile events. during my body shaping process i would get glimpses of the old racer and the temptation to let rob-the-racer re-emerge would sometimes get pretty strong. at times i would obsess about my efficiency and with that obsession i would notice that my love for running would suffer.

i determined coming into 2010 that i am not interested in cultivating rob-the-racer.

this weekend i am registered for the "little rock marathon". i am going to approach this event in harmony with being primarily a runner not a racer. i am going to wear a watch and press start at the start and stop at the finish. i am not going to attempt to get my splits. i am not going to concern myself with running even splits, progressive splits, or negative splits. i am not going to concern myself with running a time that would qualify me for the "boston marathon". i am not going to concern myself with running a personal best. i solely want to enjoy running the 26.2 miles in harmony with my heart. someday i may qualify for "boston" without giving it much of a thought. i would rather qualify for "boston" that way, than to stress about my splits, my pace, and my training.

i continue to enjoy chomping up miles in 2010. february was a record month for me with 356 running miles. i anticipate that i will exceed that in march. i hoped to average around 10 miles a day for 2010, and i am presently about 50 miles ahead of schedule.

born to run, and loving it!!!
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