Wednesday, January 27, 2010

week 01.18.2010 - 01.24.2010

a bit of a surprising week. i was expecting more mile consumption once i got on the other side of my "lost" marathon. on monday i was a bit tired, and on tuesday i actually took a sick day. saturday was a big day. i did a "miles for the minnesota vikings day". three runs: 12-miler, 15-miler, and a 13-miler. sunday was a busy day and i was focused on the vikings.

most of the miles i felt real strong. i spent a lot of time thinking about my next event: the "little rock marathon". during the week i started thinking of the possibility of going once again with the nothing-to-lose approach. i would like to drop some pounds before that event, thus, i am cutting back on "empty" calorie consumption.

my left knee is feeling way improved. i might attempt a pretty substantial week to finish up january. i would like to get close to 310 miles for the month. it will be a challenge :)
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