Thursday, January 14, 2010

week 01.04.2010 - 01.10.2010

i enjoyed an excellent week of cold weather running. the temp for my runs: 3 f, 13 f, 23 f, 13 f, and 26 f.

i think the highlight of the week was participating in my first long run of 2010. i did a 26.2 mile jaunt around the town of republic. this gave me a total of 12 lifetime runs of 26.2 miles or longer. i ended the week with 83 running miles for the week and 109 running miles for 2010. the tenderness in my left knee appeared to improve throughout the week.

i had a little streak going for a few days, and then i let it go. the issue (for me) with streaks, is they begin to produce in me a feeling of needing to run to keep the streak alive, this replaces the pure desire of merely wanting to run. i am all about WANTING TO RUN, if a day emerges when i want to do something else or need to do something else, that day then becomes a day of rest.
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