Monday, September 21, 2009

09.21.2009 one year running anniversary

one year ago today i returned to running with a mile and half walk-run-walk in my neighborhood. i remember my son coming out on his bike to witness me and i remember him referring to me as "pathetic". my inspiration came via reconnecting with high school friends on facebook. it just took reading that a few of them are running marathons for me to get enough inspiration to make a shoe purchase and make a commitment to justifying that purchase.

it has been an awesome year. i love and appreciate running more today than i ever did as a childhood runner.

some highlights:
  • 70 pounds gone
  • 1,703 running miles consumed
  • marathoned/ultramarathoned in 4 states
  • became a "marathon maniac"
  • popped off a 5:43 mile
  • kept if rolling for 50 miles on 9.11
thanks everyone for the support and encouragement. i look forward to seeing where i am at one year from today.
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