Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the-log 05.25.2009 - 05.31.2009

05.25.2009: rest day: right knee sore

05.26.2009: recreational swimming (w/jacob)

05.27.2009: 4 miles of running in republic, mo.: 29 minutes and 38 seconds

05.28.2009: 3 miles of running in republic, mo.: 24 minutes and 25 seconds

05.29.2009: rest day: travelling

05.30.2009: 3 miles of running in new hope, mn.: 24 minutes and 49 seconds

05.31.2009: "minneapolis marathon" with warm-up 26.5 miles of running. race report coming soon.

total running miles for the week: 36.5 miles [2009: 656.5 miles]
total running miles for may: 183.5 miles

i had an excellent time in minnesota and am thankful that i opted to participate in the "minneapolis marathon". i could have gone the safe route and used the event to target running a bit faster than the "flying pig", but instead i opted to take a nothing-to-lose approach to see how many miles i could run at my boston qualifying pace. i believe i logged around 15 to 16 (my race report will reveal why i don't have accurate stats). my training goal is now very clear: a boston qualifying performance at the "route 66 marathon" on 11.22.2009. i have confidence that this is possible. i am dreaming of smashing 3:15.
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