Tuesday, May 19, 2009

one-mile time trial: 5:43.96

doing the two-mile time trial the other day motivated me to do a one-mile time trial this week.  i knew i was ready to go under six, the question was how far could i go.  

quarter mile splits:

official manual time: 5:43.96 (gps time: 5:26.17)  

the picture above includes my 6th grade mile p.r. (5:43)  i am pretty pumped that after 241 days of training and 70 pounds of weight loss, i was able to run my 6th grade mile p.r.  one might think that a 5:43 would garnish a blue ribbon in 6th grade, but i finished a stride or two behind another very quick 6th grader: dave kleyman.
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