Monday, May 11, 2009

the-log 05.04.2009 - 05.10.2009

05.04.2009: rest day

05.05.2009: 3 miles of walking in republic, mo.: 50 minutes and 19 seconds


a.m.: 3 miles of running in republic, mo.: 27 minutes and 40 seconds

p.m.: 4 miles of trail running at wilson's creek national battlefield in republic, mo.: 38 minutes and 24 seconds


a.m.: 3 miles of running in republic, mo.: 23 minutes and 38 seconds

p.m.: 6 miles of trail running at wilson's creek national battlefield in republic, mo.: 1 hour and 2 mintues

05.08.2009: 8+ miles of trail running at busiek state forest in chestnutridge, mo.: 1 hour, 46 minutes and 14 seconds


a.m.: 4 miles of running on south creek trail in springfield, mo.: 37 minutes and 55 seconds

p.m.: 12 miles of running on frisco trail out of walnut grove, mo.: 1 hour, 43 minutes and 12 seconds

05.10.2009: rest day

total running miles for the week: 40 miles [2009: 539]

i managed to ease back into running after the "flying pig" without ripping or tearing anything.  it took a few days to get the soreness out of the legs and to get a sense of zip back in my legs.  i was so thankful to have a week of running that did not include paranoia regarding injury.  i was cautious, but not paranoid.  i really enjoyed the trail running and i felt like i was flying pretty efficiently on the frisco saturday afternoon.

i did have a sense of let down this week at times.  i think if i had not put the journey for 50 milers and 100 milers on hold, i probably would not have experienced the let down feeling.  i think i am starting to get over it.  i still am on an endurance journey, but i have ramped up the attention i will be giving to the speed journey.  i will be marathoning again in a few weeks (minneapolis marathon on may 31st).  i will be experiementing with some different things for this event - including doing the event without walk segments.  i am not shooting for a big p.r. - maybe a little one though :)  the marathon that i really intend to RACE is in november - the tulsa route 66 marathon on 11.22.2009.  i am hoping to be prepared to fly that course at boston qualifying pace.

still having a blast!
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