Friday, April 24, 2009

(re)creational adventure vis-à-vis racing

i run because i want to run. i race because i want to race. i have been reflecting this week regarding what is next for me over the next few months. i returned to running with a desire to be a marathoner. now i have one marathon under my belt, and hopefully will have another one under my belt real soon (5.03.2009). the “frisco fifty” confirmed to me that marathoning and ultramarathoning click with who i presently am. i am hopeful of participating in a multitude of marathons and ultramarathons in the coming months.

i am presently thinking that some of these marathon/ultramarathon events i will approach as races, and some i will approach purely as (re)creational adventures. in my mind they all are (re)creational adventures, even when approached as a race. i have yet to approach any of the race events i entered purely as a (re)creational adventure, but i do anticipate that such will be my approach to some in the future. in october, for example, i intend to participate in a weekend marathoning double with my friend steve hibbs. i intend to treat those two marathons purely as adventures and employ an appropriate pace.

i am 9 days away from my next racing event: “the flying pig” marathon. i am approaching “the flying pig” as both an adventure and a race. regardless of what happens it will be an adventure. it will also be a race to me, given that i have a time goal. i intend to sub 4 hours. my present strategy is this: for the first twenty miles i will be running the first 95% of each mile at an 8:30 pace and then i will be walking the last 5% of each mile. after twenty miles i am hopeful that i will be able to abandon the walk segments and run the last 10k strong. in my mind this race will be either a win situation or a win:win situation. it will be a win no matter what because i will get to experience the adventure of the event. it will be a win:win if i also accomplish my time goal.

i am so thankful to be a runner again.
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