Sunday, February 15, 2009

training 02.09.2009 - 02.15.2009

02.09.2009: rest day

02.10.2009: 3 miles of walking in republic, mo.: 45 minutes and 50 seconds

02.11.2009: 3 miles of walking in republic, mo.: 42 minutes and 12 seconds

02.12.2009: 3 miles of running in nixa, mo. at nixa high school track: 23 minutes and 3 seconds

02.13.2009: rest day

02.14.2009: "psycho wyco run toto run trail race" - 10 miles of running in kansas city, ks.: 1 hour, 40 minutes and 10 seconds

02.15.2009: 3 miles of walking in republic, mo.: 44 minutes and 38 seconds

total running miles for the week: 13 miles
total running miles for 2009: 244 miles

this was a good week.  i started the week with serious concerns about one of my groin muscles.  i really did not want it to spoil my experience at the psycho wyco.  i held back on the running other than the three miles on thursday just to get an idea of what i was going to be dealing with.  the race went great.  i was very pleased.  the marathon training continues.  scott and i have a 20 miler on the schedule for next sunday.  my next race event is a half-marathon on march 28th.  that will be my focus for the next few weeks.
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