Monday, November 24, 2008

kurt decker

kurt doing some trail running in hawaii

me riding over kurts head 1988

asp: our improv group 1987

i recently discovered that a real good high school buddy of mine has continued to be infected by the running-virus over the years: kurt decker. back in our glory days of skateboarding - plymouth junior high had three skateboarding amigos: kurt decker, chad jasper, and rob horton. somehow kurt and i lost contact after high school. last week when i was obsessing about ultra distance running i landed on anton krupicka's blog. in the comment section on one of his posts, i found a link to my old buddy kurt. i was blown away to discover that kurt has been participating in ultra distance events and has majorily improved his running pace since our high school days.

on kurt's blog he has these personal records posted:
5k: 16:35
8k: 27:18
10k: 34:05
1/2 Marathon: 1:11:55
Marathon: 2:40:41
50k: 3:42 ( trails )
50 miles: 7:30 ( trails )
100k: 8:38
100 miles: 16:08 (MN Record)
24 hour: 118 miles

i am very impressed. i spent a few hours reading the last two years of kurt's blogs posts over the last couple of days. what a cool way to catch up. it sounds like kurt's wife is also a machine of a runner. i look forward to hitting the trail with kurt some day in the near future. my family has plans for a minnesota trip in october, that might be a great time to sneak in a run with my old buddy kurt.
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