Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan 4 2016: 5 Miles

Got out the door this morning and grabbed a 5 mile loop of a run in Republic, MO.  The weather was crispy and refreshing.  I listened to Game of Thrones throughout.  Was suprised to find some hardware in my mailbox when I got home.  Apparently I won a "BIG GUY" award at the Route 66 marathon last November.  In retrospect 2015 was a pretty solid year: (1) 3:38 in North Carolina, (2) 3:40ish in Kentucky, (3) Solid sub-4 marathon in New Hampshire, (4) Completion of another double weekend with that melt down in Maine, (5) Got the Dogwood 50K completion to redeem myself on that course, (6) Big Guy award in Tulsa, and lastly (7) 3rd overall at the You Don't Know Jack 50K.  Time to keep that momentum rolling and to build on it.
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