Friday, March 6, 2015

Runner's High

During the senior year of my high school track season I had a running experience that set the standard for me regarding running.  One evening following an intense interval workout I was feeling inspired to put my running shoes back on and snag some gentle solo miles.  I clipped my Walkman cassette player to my shorts and proceeded to run an out-and-back route from my home in New Hope, Minnesota to Clifton E. French Park in Plymouth, Minnesota.   During that run outing I envisioned myself listening to tunes in a recliner that was gliding through the air.  My fitness was such that it honestly felt like I was barely putting forth more effort than when I was at rest.  What an amazing sensation!

Whenever I attempted a comeback to running between 1992 and 2008 I quickly got discouraged by the memory of that amazing sensation and how it eluded me in relation to my poor fitness.

The last few weeks I have experienced this sensation during many of my run outings.  Without a doubt we are born to run and when we are appropriately fit - running is our home!
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