Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week Worth Writing Home About

The week of February 16th 2015 through February 22nd was one I was super pleased with.

Monday February 16 2015: 21 miles

I had the day off on the 16th and it was a perfect day for a winter wonderland run adventure in Republic, MO.  The only thing that prevented me from keeping it rolling was the fact I did not bring any fuel or h2o with me.

Tuesday February 17 2015: 10 miles

Wednesday February 18 2015: 12 miles

Wednesday running featured challenging road conditions, - 3 D F weather, and a beautiful sunrise.

Thursday February 19 2015: 10 miles

Enjoyable outing with chipper legs.

Friday February 20 2015: 12 miles

Friday's run included an extention to one of my out-and-back routes and I was pleased with it.

Saturday February 21 2015: 10 miles

Sunday February 22 2015: 15 miles

I was pleased to conclude the week with a 15 mile outing.  I experienced some of my most enjoyable miles this week.  Most of my runs this week were out-and-back routes and I would often listen to the audio version of the book "Born to Run" on the way out and  I would listen to the new Imagine Dragons album "Smoke + Mirrors" on the way back.

I have recently been doing a Double Digit Streak within my Daily Running Streak and this week I have been thinking that I will try and keep this Double Digit Streak going longer than I had originally envisioned.

Daily Running Streak Day 319
Double Digit Streak Day 25
2015 Running Miles: 510

Tobacco Road marathon countdown: 21 days.

Week: 90 miles!

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