Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Week 2

Week 2 was not a big mileage week but I still believe it was a quality week. I was strong regarding my eating approach. A few highlights for the week: (1) hitting 100 miles for the year via a 12 mile outing on Monday, (2) first outing with a new group of local runners, (3) first double of the year, (4) first track session of the year, and (5) an enjoyable Sunday long run on the Frisco trail with the FlyingDuck.

My track session involved doing a 400 Meter time trial. I wanted a baseline time that I can work on improving throughout 2012. I was little disappointed with my 72 second time as it felt like I was moving fast than that. It's a start.

Hoping to start week 3 with a big time long run tomorrow.

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