Friday, November 25, 2011


My recent streaking adventure ended at 102 days (plus a 55 day warm up that did not conform to the guidelines of the United States Running Streak Association). Counting the warm up I went 157 days without taking a zero mile day. Somewhere along the way I started imagining this steak going for years. But along the way I experienced some things about the streak that I did not enjoy. I was missing the freedom of taking an occasional day off from running. I also didn't feel good about days that I just squeezed in a 1 mile or 2 mile outing. It felt like I was just grabbing "junk miles" and producing dirty laundry so I could keep a boast alive. Will I pursue a streak again? I don't see myself intentionally streaking. If I string some days together in an ad hoc manner so be it. I appreciate my freedom. So, cheers to freedom and the pursuit of enjoyable miles. After taking Monday and Tuesday off this week I went out Wednesday and enjoyed a 30 mile long run. I really enjoyed it. I think my miles over the next few months will be along the lines of long slow distance outings. When I make the time I will head out the door and just start grabbing miles. Some days I will find myself heading back towards home sooner than on other days. I am hoping to get out there again later today.

Below is a map of Wednesday's long run. Part of the adventure was that the sun set just as I turned around. Also of note was a close encounter with a deer. I felt strong throughout and I believe it was a confidence building run for December's local Run for the Ranch 26.2.

My next post will be regarding my marathon adventure in Louisiana...working on that one today.
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