Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thoughts on the Week

I was pretty pleased with the week. One thing in my heart this week was burning calories and that contributed to me throwing in some walk outings. My present approach has me endeavoring to do run sessions that are 100% running and walk sessions that are 100% walking. The walking is not only to add more calorie burning into my week, but also to assist me in becoming a stronger walker. I value that because I intend to use that in future ultra-marathons. This week I had 7 miles of walking and 45 miles of running.

Ultras and long runs are still alive in my heart, but my present focus is improving my efficiency. With this focus I intend to include more up-tempo miles into my weekly miles and speed-play when possible and appropriate. I had some nice up-tempo miles this week, my fastest mile of the week was a 7:02 during a 6 mile run on Wednesday. Here are a couple related goals for 2011: a sub-5 minute mile and a sub-3 hour marathon. With this desire and effort I intend to drop a bunch of extra weight. The hope is to get myself down to 180. There is no doubt that being lighter will assist my efficiency.

I did have it in my heart this week to get a long run in. I wanted a 30 mile run with no walk segments to build some confidence for a fast approaching marathon event I am registered for. On Saturday I set out to get that 30 miler. I went out 15 and on the way back I started to lose it just after 18. I finally faced the fatigue and started throwing in some walk segments. I believe this was primarily related to not being fully recovered from the "Mother Road 100". I did manage to get 26.2 and therefore log my 25th long run that at least covered the marathon distance. On Sunday morning I was feeling pretty beat up and opted to give the legs some rest.

My long run experience on Saturday assisted me in formulating my plan from my upcoming marathon event. I plan to train through it. I am thinking of taking it out at a happy pace, going after a negative split, and covering the distance without any walk segments. I don't believe I will be in position to go after a p.r. or b.q. effort.

The plan for the week ahead is to get some quality miles, not gunning for big numbers, and hopefully drop a couple of pounds if possible.

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