Thursday, March 25, 2010


heading to chicago tomorrow. i am registered for the "chicago lakefront 50k". i am very excited to participate in this event. i have been wanting to take a chunck off my 50k p.r. for a few months now (and this is a flat p.r. promoting course). the only 50k event i have participated in was last year's "frisco 50k". coming into that event my long run p.r. was 22.5 miles. during the event i fell apart over the last few miles and did a lot of walking. i recorded a finish time of 5:02. my conditioning has greatly improved since that event and i am feeling pretty confident that i can record a significantly faster time.

the event consists of three out-and-backs. i am intending to run with a handheld and switch every 10 miles. regarding my pacing, my plan is to just find a gear that feels like a good 31-mile-gear and stay with it. regarding my fueling, i intend to hit a gel about every 30 minutes and hit the electrolyte tablets as needed. regarding a watch, i am planning to wear my timex and hit start and stop. i am not intending to concern myself with lap splits. if i slow down a bit in the middle, so be it. i think my mantra might be something like: "leave it in the tank for the last 10".

my big news! i am registered for my first 100-mile event. "the kettle moraine 100" on june 5th, 2010. i have been keeping this event in mind and trying to find opportunities to hit the local trails and i am intending to get some night trail running in over the next few weeks.

life is good. running continues to be my home. and i am thankful that my body is cooperating with the desires stirring in my heart.

happy running to all!
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