Friday, April 3, 2009

running and art

now that i am officially a runner again, i often find myself reflecting on running and how running relates to me. i have recently found myself framing running as art. the journey of reshaping my body into that of a runner is similar to the efforts of a sculptor. it has been reported that michelangelo believed that every stone had a sculpture within, and the task of the sculptor involved chipping away the excess stone to release the form inside. over the last few months my body has changed shape. some excess has been chipped away and the form of an endurance runner is beginning to emerge. what some might call workouts, i am now thinking of as sculpting sessions.

i bring to racing events the artistic instrument that is the product of my sculpting sessions. the racing events are similar to the art of improvisational drama. the event involves an artistic performance over a certain distance and a certain terrain. an improvisational actor is prepared, but is also aware that a variety of unknowns will emerge that will require adaption, creativity, and wit. i come to the starting line of a racing event as an equipped improvisational player.

running is very fresh to me right now. my present attitude regarding running is one of “get to”, not one of “have to”. i hope the day never arrives wherein i would say something like “i have to run 10 miles today”. my heart's desire is that i will continue in the realm of running freshness.

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